Hello everyone! If you are here then that means you signed up for the Vintage Truck Christmas Minis! Here you will find all info needed for the day, so please check out this page before asking any questions and check it often as I will be updating it with more info. This is a 20 min session, so it will be QUICK. I will be choosing and editing the best 5 images from the session for delivery so as to speed up the editing process and have your images back to you as quick as possible so you can order and print your Christmas cards. I am HOPING to have them edited and back to you within 3-5 days. I'm sorry but for these sessions, I will be choosing the images in order to deliver in a timely manner. Trust me, I will choose the best images, you will look good, I promise! :)

PLEASE SHOW UP EARLY. I can not stress this enough. It's very important that we start on time. These sessions are back to back with no time in between, so please show up early in case you can't find the location or if you need to dress kiddos or wrangle dogs before hand. When your session time is up, it's GO TIME!!! :) I will be very busy that day, so I won't be able to help you dress your kids, your dog or your husbands. LOL! So please plan accordingly to make this go as smoothly as possible.

WEATHER: This is Reno, so hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Bring hats/beanies and scarfs just in case. If it's bad enough that we can't shoot, I will have to cancel the sessions and refund your money in the manner that you paid. Unfortunately due to my schedule, I don't have a day I can feasibly reschedule these sessions and still have them edited and delivered to you in enough time to print cards. So pray to the weather gods for a nice day! :D

Thank you all for signing up, I'm very excited to see you all!

-Rachel Rose


Dates: Saturday December 4th and Sunday December 5th

Location: TBD-- check back soon. <<<<<<<<<<<<< It's looking like it miiiiiight be Thomas Creek, but not set in stone yet. Check back again!



Dec 4th Schedule:

12:00 Valerie T ***
12:20 Paulina C
12:40 Kari H
1:00 Roxana D
1:20 Lucy B
1:40 Jenny L
2:00 Kate O
2:20 Stephanie J
2:40 Joanna J
3:00 Emerald S
3:20 Katherine A
3:40 Angie B


December 5th Schedule:

12:00 Kate C
12:20 Alyssa L
12:40 Crystal B
1:00 Rose S
1:20 Claudia C
1:40 Jenny L
2:00 Monnik A
2:20 Kendall P
2:40 Patty W
3:00 Carly W
3:20 Jennifer R
3:40 Winter B

Here are general inspo pics for what to wear and posing. THESE ARE NOT MY IMAGES, but pulled from google for inspiration and styling direction.

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Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: If they behave, sure! Kids have to stay home though... :P lol!


Q: Do I get prints?

A: You will be emailed a gallery link with the full-res digital files that you can download and print wherever you'd like. No physical prints will be given.


Q: Can I post the images?

A: PLEASE do! And tag me! ;0)


Q: What happens if we're late?

A: It cuts into your session time, I'm sorry.


Q: Can we do an outfit change?

A: Due to the time constraints, one outfit please.


Q: Can we bring props?

A: Sure!