What can you expect?
First things first, I don’t do prim & proper. You know, every hair perfectly in place and your dress never touching the ground because you’re scared it might get dirty. THAT’S SO NOT MY JAM and let’s be honest, perfection is unrealistic. I live for the fun, the dirty, the wild and unscripted, the mildly inappropriate (or full blown inappropriate), the exuberant joy, the mishaps and the spontaneity. I’m there to capture your connection, the real you, and the crazy moments in between. I GET IT ALL and I want to be a part of it all! So if you’re someone who’s up for a little improv and willing to go off the beaten path, someone who’s up for trying something new, someone who’s not afraid to climb mountains and cross rivers and isn’t afraid to get silly or be stupid and can still trust me to make you look good, THEN I’M YOUR GIRL!  

I work with my couples to gather all of the details to make sure nothing's missed, provide a customized timeline for every wedding to keep us on track so you can enjoy every minute of your big day, worry-free, and even provide vendor suggestions and planning tips so you get the best memories and photos possible.
I know a thing or two about making a wedding day go smoothly and I promise to be your schedule planner, time keeper, dress holder, pack mule, family mediator, hype woman, therapist, stylist, and defender of your wants and needs all day long. And If you’re someone who feels awkward in front of the camera, DON’T PANIC, I come with visual posing guides and will only use poses that flatter and feel natural to you, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. On your wedding day we are best friends, not client and service provider, and I promise to treat you as such and hold dear that your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life.

Want to break all traditions and do your own thing? I’VE GOT YOU! Make your day and experience all about you. Want to travel to a beautiful new place, say ‘I do’ on top of the mountain, take your photos on a dreamy beach? Let’s make it happen cap’n! I’m willing to work with you and make that dream a reality. Message me to plan some magic!



Feel awkward in front of a camera? That's cool, I'm awkward too! I get it, I really do. That's why I come equip with posing guides to show you what to do! My sessions are a fun and fast paced hour so there's no time to feel uncomfortable, especially when I'm telling my poorly executed jokes or making fart noises for your 4 year old. Your experience is meant to be fun, so if you're not having fun laughing at my expense, then I'm not doing my job! Feel free to message me any questions or concerns you may have!