Not sure what to wear for your upcoming Fall/Winter photo session? I have your back! I love helping my clients put together outfits for their sessions because I want you to feel and look your very best for your photos!

What to wear Fall/Winter: trends, textures, and accessories.

1. If you want to wear a fun print like florals or leopard print, anchor it with a solid piece so that your outfit isn’t too busy. The last thing you want is the attention on your mixed prints instead of your beautiful face.

2. If you want to mix trendy textures, remember to mix a heavy weighted texture (like tweed, wool, cable knit) with a smoother or lighter textured piece (like leather, satin, or suede). This will keep your outfit balanced and not too heavy, adding weight to your style.

3. If you want to wear an overcoat, large scarf, or oversized sweater/cardigan, try to keep the rest of your pieces form fitting so that the entire outfit doesn’t swallow your figure whole.

4. Choose darker colors of the color spectrum.


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Not sure what to wear for your upcoming Spring/Summer photo session?

What to wear Spring/Summer: floral patterns, pastel tones, bright colors, and lots of light fabric!

1. Floral patterns: spring florals usually arrive in larger prints and smaller patterns and you can find them everywhere from crop tops and rompers to mini and maxi dresses. For a bohemian look, opt for watercolor florals while appliques will show up in resort wear styles.

2. Pastel tones: imagine these colors as springtime petals… pretty pinks, lovely lavenders, buttery yellows, and blissful blues. Layer them with white for a sophisticated style or even light washed denim for springtime casual vibes. These colors are beautiful to wear in the Spring/Summer because they’ll complement all the wild flowers and greens in your backdrop!

3. Fabric: whether it’s tiered ruffles, statement sleeves, tassels, or voluminous maxis, the more fabric, the better! Extra fabric will add so much movement and life to your portraits!

4. Choose lighter colors of the color spectrum. No neon!

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Some Tips...

  • Choose an outfit that represents your personal style – if you love casual style, and jeans make up the majority of your wardrobe, don’t force yourself into a flowy dress that might feel awkward or uncomfortable. Instead, throw on a new pair of jeans you love and style them with a dressier top.
  • Make sure your clothing is in excellent shape – clothes that are stretched out or faded from wear can stick out like a sore thumb in photos so it’s best to choose items that are new or gently worn – and this gives you an excuse to go shopping!
  • Jazz it up – Adding accessories such as a hat, scarf or a light jacket can be paired with your outfit for an added level of flair. Plus, they can be useful for posing!
  • Keep Jewelry Minimal- if you're going for a statement necklace, keep your earrings small and simple. If you want to wear dramatic dangling earrings, skip the necklace. Don't go overboard with rings on every finger, but pick one or two favorites.